Services – check what we do
The offer of our services includes mobile service 24h as well as stationary service which guarantees immediate and effective help in case of vehicle failure. Stationary service, in the shape of a machine shop, allows us to repair mechanic vehicles comprehensively while mobile service 24h is a fast and professional customer service.
  • We are to your disposal 24h a day throughout Warsaw and surrounding area. We have quick access to spare parts, which maximally reduces the time of vehicles repair.
We have at our disposal a Mercedes Benz truck,
which is equipped in diagnostic equipment and a repair kit, including rockshaft, power generating unit 400 kW, compressed air, which allows to repair:engine unit, braking circuit, electronic and air suspension. It helps with thawing and starting vehicles during winter time and gives the opportunity to repair tires at vehicle’s failure location.
When your heavy-loaded truck needs a service, call us!:
MARTRANS provides domestic transport services for general cargo and full truck load services. Thanks to the use of our own fleet and cooperation with many trusted partners, we provide transport of general cargo and full truck loads throughout Poland. All-wheel drive is the ideal solution for companies that have a large volume of shipments, we deliver anywhere in the country within 24 hours of loading the means of transport.
For each collaboration our approach is fully professional, considering the needs of our customers who appreciate our reliability. The transport reaches the destinationalwayspunctually and safely.
An important aspect of our work is versatility and adaptability to the trends in the TSL industry, Therefore, the offered transport services, for instance household appliances, building materials and meat are precisely planned and constantly monitored by our employees
  • Planning and optimization of supplies
  • Selection of appropriate means of transport
  • Loading and unloading notification
  • Help with documentation preparation
  • Cargo security
We specialize in road transport and forwarding projects throughout Europe. Our customers are guaranteed about our reliability and the ability to reduce transport and logistics budgets by using our modern fleet (average age of vehicles is 1 year), as well as optimally planned routes of transport, selection of appropriate means of transport, cargo and unloading, documentation and the safety of the loads.
Our company offers FTL and unitized LTL international transport services:
  • Refrigeration (temperature control required)
  • Tarpaulin (neutral goods)
Our flexibility for every assignment entrusted to us allows for individual approach to each customer, taking care of the highest service and satisfaction. Each transport process is planned and supervised at the highest level of service. For transportation we have a variety of vehicles, among others curtain trailers, coolers and others with a load capacity of 1.5 to 24 tons. The area of our transport services covers the whole European Union, in particular countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, southern countries (Serbia, Ukraine), Greece, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia.
Our professional staff and fully equipped workshop facilities allow us to offer a wide range of service and diagnostic services.
By using our workshop you are assured that the service will be made solidly and quickly with attention to every detail. Check out our website:
  • Computer diagnostics (debugging), repairing components, braking systems, suspension systems, wheel geometry;
  • Locksmith services, aluminum welding;
  • Punching in/out the sleeve of the bolt with the pressure of 50 tons;
  • Mechanical, electrical, pneumatic repairs;
  • Repairing parking heaters
  • Replacement – repairing couplings, brakes of trailer cars, trailers
  • Complex preparation of vehicles for technical reviews
  • Vulcanization services